Eco-friendly Insulation

We have noticed a steady increase in the sales of polyester insulation, namely isotherm insulation. With isotherm being the only 100% eco-friendly insulation product on the market, more and more people are shifting across to this product. Read more on eco-friendly insulation here.

Why is isotherm more eco-friendly than other insulations? 

Well to start off, isotherm is made from a polyester, that has been produced from recycled PET bottles. It does not have any of the chemicals that you find in the cellulose fibre insulation, which you can read more on here. In fact, it is so user-friendly you could use isotherm polyester insulation as a duvet on a cold night and won't have a problem.

Isotherm doesn't have any of the fibres that aerolite insulation is made out of either. The fibreglass is not harmful to you if you have it installed but it is advised to wear a dust mask if you enter your roof to do maintenance. The same with cellulose, it has been chemically treated in order to make it fire retardant so you will need to wear a dust mask when entering your roof.

Having eco-friendly insulation installed in your home

Installing eco-friendly insulation in your home helps you to conserve energy. Insulation acts as a barrier to heat gain and heat loss, especially through the floors, roofs, ceilings and walls. Insulation reduces the exchange of heat through surfaces and orifices such as walls, floors, ceilings and attic.

When a home is properly insulated, less cool air needed to keep the home cool will escape from the house during the hot summer season and less warm air needed to warm up the home will be allowed to escape from the house during the cold, chilly winter season. Read more on people using more isotherm here.

Think Green Insulation Johannesburg and Pretoria

There is another eco-friendly product called think green insulation. We have installers of think green insulation in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Think green insulation is a similar product to isotherm insulation except it is made by a smaller company and the r-value of think green insulation is slightly lower than that of isotherm.

If you are working on a budget then think green insulation Johannesburg and Pretoria will work out nicely for you. Isotherm insulation is the Rolls Royce of eco-friendly polyester insulation but it does come with a price tag. 

If you are looking for a think green insulation price or isotherm insulation price, give Home Insulations a call. We can help you choose the right product that suite your budget.